Dec 17, 2016

Sharing your gifts (COP#1)

I'm starting this series titled "Chronicles of Positivity" to log positive experiences/moments from my life. Given that the media is filled with negative news, we forget to appreciate the little, positive moments that just pass by like a soft feather in rough winds. My goal is to make sure that I log such moments that touched my heart, stirred my soul and made me take a pause in a busy day. Hope my readers can relate to these little snippets too.

Here we go - the first one!

On a Saturday afternoon, I had been to Reliance Footprint to buy shoes for myself. While I was trying out a few pairs, there was a family who were also checking out shoes for the lady of the house. The husband and their son (9-10 years maybe?) were eagerly selecting different models and giving to the mother, the son suggesting "Amma, try this" while the husband saying "try this, will look good when you go out on special occasions". Felt so heartwarming, seeing the shopping-as-a-family experience.

Meanwhile, I had made my choice and billed my shoes. The lady walked upto me and handed me a Reliance gift voucher that read "get Rs.500 off on purchase exceeding Rs.1000". She said "I have made my purchase. These extra coupons are expiring today. If you are planning to buy, please use them. I will anyway have to throw them". 

Since I had billed my purchase, I couldn't use them too. But this experience made me feel happy, meeting a kind stranger who wouldn't mind initiating a conversation with another stranger and sharing something of worth. 

In a society, where people try to avoid eye-contact on purpose and pretend to be busy with their smartphones, this experience felt like a fresh breeze in a polluted city.

Coincidentally on the same evening, I stumbled upon this tweet from @imwillsmith (not actor Will Smith btw)

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