Dec 19, 2016

The genuine appreciation (COP#3)

This is the story of a young woman who is 70+ years old and lives by herself. Thanks to my EthnicPalate food catering service in my apartment, I got to meet her a few months back. Her daughter reached out to me by email and had asked me if I could deliver food(breakfast/lunch) every weekend to her mother. I happily obliged.

The elderly aunty always greets me with a smile every weekend morning. I was initially serving food in arecanut plates and cups.

But aunty said one day, “why are you wasting such nice plates? You can give me in steel plates and I’ll wash and return”.
I asked her, “Do you have a maid, aunty?”
She said, “No, I cook and clean the dishes by myself. I have to keep myself active. There’s nothing much for me to do anyway”

I learnt 2 important lessons from her that day.
1. Our previous generations have always followed this principle - Reuse > Recycle. There is a cost to recycle stuff, even if it is biodegradable.
2. Even if you can afford luxury (maid, cook etc), it is extremely important to keep your mind and body active, irrespective of your age.

Most of the weekend mornings, I prepare healthy breakfast and lunch for aunty (and for my family).
It makes me feel so happy and grateful that I’m able to give aunty a little bit of rest and some variety of healthy food, and in return, I get an encouraging smile and genuine appreciation from her. What more do you need in life!

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