Mar 21, 2023

Conflict between mind and heart

 It has been quite an emotional roller-coaster ride last few weeks. Multiple thoughts to process, reflect and act upon.

Last evening, came to know that a colleague of mine with whom I had collaborated back in 2016 passed away suddenly due to an accident. She was in her late 40s, used to lead a large team, and then moved on to do multiple other things. Though the mind tries to reason out through the lens of Karma and destiny, the heart doesn't understand and accept so easily. Sent prayers and healing thoughts to her family last night before going to bed. But couldn't get good sleep.

Woke up around 4 AM (earlier than usual) today and started prepping for lunch. Then joined the Satvic Advanced Yoga session (Day 2 today) at 6 AM and the topic was on energy and imbalances due to the dominance of either Ida or Pingala nadis.

The lesson that I'm carrying forward from today's class:

When there is a constant conflict between the mind (left brain / Buddhi) and heart (right brain / Mann), there is an imbalance, which leads to stagnation in life. Only when the mind and heart are aligned and in sync, do the fluctuating patterns stop and we start to activate the Vigyanmayakosha (intuition / wisdom / higher intelligence).

When we are truly in the "Present", we get to become aware of this misalignment and take corrective actions as needed. If we are on autopilot, the state of fluctuation only gets worse as days progress by.

On the topic of Being Authentic that I shared yesterday, there is a reason why I posted the pic of our pet cat Octi. She has such a unique, demanding personality unlike her sister Georgina. Octi doesn't like to be lifted, cuddled, or even caressed by any of us. She is very particular about her space and doesn't like it when we shower our love on her🙂

She doesn't change her personality, just so that her human family will feel happier.

To understand what being authentic means, we don't have to look anywhere else other than just observe our pets' behavior.

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