Mar 18, 2023

Prioritize your sleep

 Yesterday (Mar 17th) was World Sleep Day. Though most of us understand how important sleep is to our overall well-being, we somehow deprioritize it for various reasons - be it work, hobbies, entertainment, distraction, socializing, etc. This compromise over time affects both the quality and quantity of sleep.

Many of us have this habit of watching TV or browsing our phones until the last second before we go to sleep. You might have noticed, when you close your eyes after exposure to screens, there is some sort of visual movement or disturbance for a certain duration of time before it settles down. This impacts the time it takes for us to get to deep sleep.

Sleep quality also gets impacted by the quality of information we consume just before going to bed. From my experience, I have noticed that whenever I watch a disturbing or scary movie in the late evening, my sleep cycle gets disturbed. I remember watching the movie "Gargi" a couple of months back and I couldn't sleep well for the next few days.

More than the movies, it is imperative that we become mindful in picking the right series to watch on OTT platforms - they are quite addictive and on top of it, the plot, dialogues, and scenes can get disturbing as well.

OTT platforms keep releasing such addictive series one after another. It is up to us to decide what we want to feed our minds.

So many distractions and disturbances to keep us awake at night and then we see Melatonin supplements getting launched on the sidelines. Reminds me of the Tamil proverb - "kozhandayai killi vittitu thottilayum aatradhu".

Prioritize your sleep, irrespective of what comes your way.

Entertainment is a tricky choice. If not aware, we might end up consuming content that is in no way entertaining but also ends up shaping our thoughts in unexpected ways.

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