Mar 16, 2023

TO-BE List

 Are you a list maker?

Do you thrive when there are long to-do lists and multiple projects?

Do you feel low when your to-do list has fewer items or none?

Do you diligently maintain and update your to-do lists at the end of each day?

We create these lists to manage our external lives better - home, work, career, studies, parenting, social life, etc.

While reading an enlightening book (review coming up soon), this thought came up. Along with our to-do list, it is valuable deciding on a TO-BE list for the day as well.

TO-BE defines our state of being for the day. It can also be an intention on the tone we want to set for the day.

We could create a sample TO-BE list from this master list as below:

I want to be

  • peaceful
  • aware
  • conscious
  • calm
  • happy
  • energetic
  • strong
  • alive
  • light
  • humble
  • joyful
  • cheerful
  • here-and-now

We can't focus on all the different states in one day. Pick 1-2 states and truly be that way, irrespective of what comes up during the day.

Once the intention for the state of being is set, we start to pay attention to our habitual reactions and consciously realign to our intended state.

I plan to try this technique in the next few weeks and will share my observations in a separate post.

Does this idea of a TO-BE list appeal to you?

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