Mar 2, 2023

Dent or Crater?

 A silly argument, a rude comment, a mild insult, or an unexpected reaction - from a family member, colleague, friend, or even a stranger on social media - can throw us off track for the rest of the day.

Sometimes, our minds cling to them so much, building a narrative and adding more "masala" (spice) than required. We keep ruminating over them, unable to let go, which in turn disturbs our sleep cycle.

We will be able to sleep ONLY

  • when our body completely relaxes and lets go of any stiffness or tightness
  • when our mind quietens and lets go of unprocessed emotions from the day

A situation had already happened and we might have felt the impact of it. The hurt is real and there is no need to deny it. Most of the time, such situations are beyond our control.

But what's in our control is to not let the impact deepen any further than a tiny dent. Avoiding the dent altogether is a result of years of spiritual practice and it is super challenging. So let's accept that the dent has happened for now.

The more we ruminate, the more it hurts, the more our mind builds the story, and the deeper and more lasting the impact.

How do we let such a situation not affect us deeply?

  1. Go for a walk outside in nature
  2. Laugh and play with your kids
  3. Put on some comfort music
  4. Engage yourself completely in an activity you love, preferably offline activity
  5. Tell yourself - "My mind space is precious. I wouldn't let this reaction of so-and-so person occupy my space rent-free"
  6. Tell yourself - "In the larger scheme of things, such comments don't matter. I decide to let go of it"

Certain events were bothering me off late. 

I stepped out for my evening walk, watched the sunset and enjoyed the fresh breeze, helped my daughter with her Math studies while she created a funny story of how two decimal numbers interact, laughed so much with her, then played my comfort album (ARR's VTV) and cooked dinner. My serious mood changed to light and relaxed at the end of the day.

Stop at the dent level, do not let it deepen further as it might end up creating a crater.

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