Apr 22, 2023

Our food choices and beliefs we pass onto our children

Neither - might be our ideal answer. But there could be situations where we end up making a choice when we are going out.

When we have to decide between the two, we mostly end up choosing the second option. This is a pattern that I'm noticing over the past few years, especially since 2020. I have made similar decisions as well.

The reasons:

  1. It is made in the open. Not hygienic at all. Packaged is more hygienic (Fresh juices vs tetra-pack)
  2. These shops use ingredients of poor quality. Better to buy packaged (Hot chips shops vs Lays chips)
  3. We don't know what ingredients are being used in bakeries. In packaged cakes, we at least know the ingredients. (Cake slices vs Brittania cakes)
  4. These foods contain germs. Packaged foods don't. (ice gola vs frozen popsicles)

Most of the time, these decisions are being made in front of our kids for one of the above reasons. And we perpetuate our beliefs onto them.

Our rationale for choices is based on our beliefs. Are we 100% sure about them? Have we questioned them anytime?

Did we ever visit factories of packaged food manufacturers to conclude that they use better quality ingredients or that they are made in a hygienic environment?

Did we ever carry around a microscope to conclude that foods/drinks made in the open contain germs?

Is it because our fear of the known (germs) is higher than our fear of the unknown (effects of artificial ingredients)?

Is it because the ill effects are immediate if our choices go wrong (food poisoning on the very same day vs slow poisoning over months/years)?

Let's question our beliefs before we pass them down to our kids, as these will have health and socio-economic implications in the future.

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