Apr 1, 2023

Upgrades of Nature

"Are you an emotional person?

Do you cry often?

Don't get too attached to anything.

Practice letting go.

Practice detachment.

Don't strive to be a perfectionist.

How much of your day do you spend outdoors and expose yourself to sunlight?

Do you prefer asana or pranayama?

Which asanas do you practice regularly?

Practice simple deep breathing daily if meditation is hard for you.

Consciously incorporate cooling and grounding practices in your daily life.

Avoid thinking too much.


I met with an Ayurvedic doctor yesterday for certain issues I have been facing over the last few weeks. The above was a snippet of her conversation with me. Most of her questions were related to mind and daily lifestyle habits.

After going in circles wondering why certain symptoms had come up all of a sudden, I finally felt at peace after talking to her. Of all the lifestyle and health philosophies I have explored, Ayurveda is the one that resonates with me the most. The importance given to the individual's nature, needs, personality traits, and holistic approach is just phenomenal and very much relevant in today's times.

My key takeaway from yesterday's conversation with the doctor:

"What you are going through now, you will be going through similar feelings and emotions multiple times when you are 45+. Your body starts to prepare you for what you'll experience so that the transition doesn't feel so drastic and sudden".

Having been in the software space, this statement struck a chord.

The effort required to build a V2 version of a software app is huge. It involves multiple teams along with well-planned and coordinated efforts.

Imagine a running system that is due for an upgrade.

As women, we go through these major upgrades in our physical and energy systems. We don't switch from V1 to V2 one fine day. Every major upgrade is preceded by multiple minor upgrades:

Some are patch updates that require focus on one specific area,

Some require bug fixes to correct any imbalances,

Some require crash updates when the system is not able to scale owing to the demands being put in,

Some are silent ones where we don't feel anything in the physical realm,

Some are minor updates with perceivable changes on multiple realms.

Nature plans these upgrades so beautifully. Instead of resisting or fearing the upcoming upgrade, it is best that we surrender and listen to the needs of our physical, mental, and energy bodies.

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