Apr 4, 2023

The Lamp


While doing Trataka dhyana a few days back, this thought came up.

When we light a lamp, we expose just a tiny portion of the wick outside.

If the exposed portion is more, the flame burns brighter than needed. It blows out quickly as it absorbs more oil in the process. When there is heavy wind, the brighter flame flickers heavily, and the chances of it turning off are high.

If the exposed portion is just right, the flame gives the required brightness steadily. It lasts a couple of hours, absorbing the right amount of oil. When there is heavy wind, the flame flickers for sure, but it doesn't turn off so easily.

We are the Lamp.

The wick is our conscious mind.

The oil is our Prana Shakti. It is refilled every morning after a good night of rest.

When we overexpose our conscious minds to the external world, we end up over-consuming Prana Shakti and we feel burnt out by the end of the day. Exposure here refers to too many decisions, too many thoughts, and too many responsibilities without clear priorities.

When we expose our conscious minds to the external demands of life at just the right level, the light we emanate is just enough. The daily Prana Shakti refill is good enough to sustain the demands. We feel steady and we don't end up exhausting ourselves in the process.

Let's keep our flames bright and steady.

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