Apr 10, 2023

Which power source are you connected to?

 Summer is in full force in Bengaluru. Along with bright sunshine, it also brings in a boatload of mosquitos and frequent power cuts.

We aren't impacted much by the power cuts, thanks to the backup power through a diesel generator (DG).

Whenever DG mode is ON, the electricity provided is good enough to run basic types of equipment like fans, lights, etc. However, DG will not supply power for heavy-duty types of equipment like a geyser, washing machine, or oven.

There are certain times in our life when the main energy source isn't able to cope with the demands and the backup energy mode gets switched on. What are those times?

When self-care takes a backseat,

When the mind is being overworked,

When our sleep cycles are disturbed,

When there is a supply-demand mismatch between responsibilities and mental load

When the internal drive turns to self-inflicted pressure

When there is a lack of willingness to compromise or prioritize certain aspects over another

For the last few weeks, it feels like my body's connection to the main power supply got cut off and I'm pushing the backup generator for daily demands. So I'm consciously pressing the pause button on tasks that require high-voltage energy.

Taking a break from constant mental stimulation,

Doing the essential tasks,

Getting back to healthier cooking practices like including more greens, cooking in clay pots and iron kadais,

Deprioritizing certain goals,

Consciously avoiding overthinking,

Trying to stay grounded and in the present with gentle Yoga asanas and Pranayama.

Let's be aware of our internal power source - our Prana Shakti and take the time and effort to keep ourselves charged.

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