May 11, 2023

30 Most Impactful books under Rs.10000

 In Apr 2019, I made a list of my favorite books. It is time to get this list updated, given that so many fantastic books came to my attention space in the past 4 years. Instead of calling this list - "My Favorite Books", I'm gonna call it - "30 Most impactful books". These books are from multiple genres - habits, health, philosophy, productivity etc.

Along with the titles and authors, I have also given their prices (as of 11th May on Amazon). As you would notice, these 30 books put together would cost around 9000 rupees. With a reading speed of 2-3 books per month, you can plan and finish reading them in a year.

For this investment of 1 year and Rs.9000, you will benefit from a wealth of knowledge and perspectives from multiple authors who are experts in their fields.

I strongly believe that one has to diversify and seek opinions and learnings from multiple people.

No one person in this world can claim themselves as an expert and have answers to all areas of life. We need to take responsibility to figure out answers for ourselves based on our life situation, our environment and our unique personality. These books will help us in this journey of self-awareness and self-discovery.

P.S There are 23 books in the pic above and the remaining 7 are on my Kindle.

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