May 3, 2023

Listen to the signals

 It was a Saturday morning, sometime in Feb. I woke up a little late around 7 AM, had my usual cup of chai, read a few pages in a book, and did a quick 30-min Yoga practice. I started to feel breathless and could feel my heart beating faster. I didn't do any intense asanas or fast-paced movements. 

As the days passed by, my breathlessness was getting worse. I was gasping while chanting my evening prayers of Kanda Sashti Kavacham. My energy levels had dropped drastically. I was feeling dizzy and felt the need to sit or lie down more often.

One evening, I was lying on the sofa. D asked me to make a glass of lemonade for her. I told her, "I'm very tired. Can you make it yourself?".

That's when it hit me. I never refuse her requests or demands for homemade food or drinks. "This isn't me, something doesn't feel right", my intuition warned me.

While discussing with K, he suggested, "Let's get your health checkup done. It's been over a year".

I got all the tests done, met with a cardiologist, and ruled out heart-related issues. The reports indicated that Vitamin D3, B12, and Haemoglobin levels were very low. I started taking allopathic supplements for a couple of weeks, but the symptoms of extreme tiredness and breathlessness persisted. 

My gut instinct suggested that these deficiencies couldn't be the only reason behind these symptoms.

Met with an Ayurvedic doctor. After a long conversation with her, she recommended that certain imbalances were to be corrected and the issues were more to do with the mind than the body. Some of her suggestions are to consciously practice detachment, slow down, avoid overthinking, let go and relax.

The body expresses what the mind suppresses.

I've been on Ayurvedic meds for the past month and am slowly gaining back my energy.

Ladies who are reading this, a gentle reminder!

When we juggle multiple responsibilities, there are high chances we might go into auto-pilot mode and reduce our efforts towards self-care, despite having the right knowledge. Do listen to the needs of your body and your mind. You would certainly know them without much effort. All we need is a little awareness.

Awareness will eventually lead us to take the right action.

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