May 11, 2023

A day of multiple emotions

 "How was the day today?", I ask myself this simple question every night before sleep. The realization is that there isn't a simple answer. Each day comes with a mixed bag of emotions and can't be narrowed down to a single word.

It was Election Day yesterday. After my usual morning routine, we stepped out to cast our votes. We took D along with us, so she gets a slice of the experience. Waited for around 45 min before we could finish the process.

Didn't plan anything for breakfast and we were all hungry by then. Decided to go to a nearby South Indian restaurant. The roads were empty. As we went inside and took our seats, we noticed a line-up of Swiggy and Zomato delivery personnel waiting to pick up their orders. We sat for a couple of minutes, noticing how there were very few waiters in the service area.

A gentleman sitting behind our table, along with his wife and his son started to yell so badly at a waiter. They had been waiting for 45 minutes and the service had been ridiculously slow. It was quite scary because of the swearing and explicit words that he used. D looked quite shocked and we decided to leave the place before things turn uglier.

Went to a nearby Darshini and ate our plate of idli/vade. D was still thinking about the whole episode and had many questions.

D : "Why did that uncle use the F word to shout at that waiter? His small son was also sitting there."

Me: "Maybe that uncle was too hangry"

D : "Even still he shouldn't have used bad language"

Me: "These incidents do happen. This is the first time you have seen it. Don't dwell too much over it"

We returned home and I started to prepare lunch.

After lunch, I spoke to a friend after a year. It felt so good to talk to her and share our life updates. Didn't realize the time passing by. I share a comfortable chemistry with a handful of friends, and can just talk for hours with them.

In the afternoon, I started watching the documentary series "MH370". This incident shook me quite a bit when it happened in 2014 and I used to follow the news to understand the investigation and no conclusion was ever reached.

The series talks about multiple possibilities on what could have happened, but there is no concrete closure in the past 9 years. After watching the 3 episodes, it left a deeper impact on me and I felt like wanting to know more.

My thoughts were all about the missing flight and the various theories and conspiracies.

Made a quick dinner and I was trying to divert my mind. I suddenly stumbled upon the news about Masterchef Australia's Judge Jock passing away. He is my favorite among the current three judges. I just couldn't believe that he is no more. It was hard to process this news.

A day filled with such a varied range of emotions - disbelief, shock, comfort, sadness, disgust and more.

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