May 6, 2023

Differentiate between Truths and Facts

 As creators, we share certain bold statements with the outside world (social media, workshops, courses).

For eg, I have been repeating these statements on multiple occasions:

"books are life-changing",

"a book arrives to you at the right time",

"books provide multiple perspectives" etc.

Someone else might say,

"reading books is a productive waste of time",

"reading books boosts one's ego",

"books share a limited perspective" etc.

These statements are our beliefs. These beliefs are formed through repeated, life experiences. As these beliefs get imbibed, they become our Truths.

Please note, Truths are not necessarily Facts.

What is true to me may not be true to you. This is something that each of us needs to discover for ourselves.

In social media, we often hear tall claims that sound like Facts. Be it in nutrition, health, exercise routines, habits, wellness, parenting, spirituality, or life choices, you'll notice these claims, which are nothing but an individual's Truths / Beliefs, formed through their own experiences.

My earnest request to people reading this -

Discover your Truths yourself.

Take the time to distinguish between Truths and Facts.

Don't let others' beliefs dictate your life choices.

Don't blindly accept others' Truths as applicable to your lives.

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