Feb 17, 2021

Thank you and Goodbye, PCOD!

 From 2004 until 2020, my abdomen ultrasound scan report would have the phrase "bilateral polycystic ovaries".

My 2021 scan report says "Ovaries appear normal" and no mention of polycystic ovaries. Yes, I have successfully managed to reverse my PCOD condition. So thrilled about it!

The only intention of this post is to give hope to those women who are diagnosed with PCOD.

Yes, PCOD can be reversed ONLY through consistent lifestyle changes. 

It is certainly possible WITHOUT any medications/pills and WITHOUT any extreme diets/workout routines (Unless you consider quitting packaged/processed/junk foods as an extreme diet!)

This reversal journey has taken me around 7 years to understand and consciously make changes around food, activity, exercise, sleep, digital wellness and stress management.

In the past few years, I have shared my journey and lifestyle changes I have made through my blog and Instagram posts. I have written two long-form articles on the habits to keep PCOD under control (My blog -> Handpicked articles section). Do check them out if you haven't taken a look already.

10 habits to keep PCOD under control

10 more habits to keep PCOD under control 

Last but not the least, a heartfelt gratitude note to PCOD for coming into my life and teaching me a lot of valuable lessons on nutrition, health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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