Feb 23, 2021

How I reversed PCOD?

A few days back, I had posted a note on Instagram that I have reversed PCOD. There were many questions on how I did it, what diet I followed etc. 

PCOD is a lifestyle disorder. So all I did was corrected my lifestyle. As simple as that. 

Please note I'm neither a gynaecologist nor a nutritionist. The points shared below are from my personal experience. Please do your due diligence before you embrace any change.

Here's a compilation of a few questions (real and imaginary) that came up related to PCOD reversal.

(1) What diet did I follow?

I didn't follow any popular diet per se. 

First and foremost, I completely stopped all forms of packaged/processed/junk foods. This one change by itself contributed to 50% of my PCOD reversal.

I'm a vegetarian since childhood. And I continue to eat the same way. I did a few tweaks/changes to the ingredients that have helped me tremendously.

  • Switched from white, polished rice to millets and traditional rice varieties.
  • Increased the quantity and variety of vegetables in my meal plate, giving more importance to native, local vegetables and greens.
  • Switched from white sugar to cane sugar/jaggery/palm jaggery. I'm also extremely mindful of the quantity of these alternative sweeteners I consume
  • Switched from iodised table salt to pink rock salt and sea salt
  • Stopped eating all maida-based and bakery products.
  • Reduced the amount of wheat in my weekly diet. Reduced intake of chapathis to 1-2 times a week.
  • Stopped using refined oils in my cooking. Switched to cold-pressed oils.
  • Limited my milk tea consumption to 2 cups a day
  • Stopped having instant coffee

(2) Will changing diet alone suffice?

Not sufficient. It is not only about WHAT we eat. It is also about WHEN we eat and HOW MUCH we eat. The following habits are something I highly recommend:

  • Stopped mindless snacking throughout the day and I stick to 3 proper, home-cooked meals
  • I follow at least a 12-hour circadian rhythm fasting
  • I eat only when I feel hungry
  • I finish my dinner by 7 PM

(3) What changes did you make in your cooking methods?

Cooking methods play an important role, especially the vessels we use to cook/store food, the way we cook vegetables, etc.

  • Stopped using plastic plates, bowls, spoons, and water bottles. Switched to ceramic and stainless steel
  • Stopped using non-stick cookware. Switched to iron cookware
  • I prefer to steam cook the vegetables so that the nutrients are retained. No overcooking of veggies
  • I pressure cook rice and dal. Yet to explore the open pot method or starch draining method
  • I prefer freshly cooked food. No reheating leftovers for 2-3 days. No freezing meals.

(4) Will these food-related changes alone good enough to reverse PCOD?

These changes will help to control the symptoms, but for complete reversal, we also need to look at all other aspects of lifestyle, other than food.

Other aspects that have helped me include

  • Regular Yoga practice 4-5 times a week
  • Staying physically active throughout the day
  • Exposure to Sunlight - 30 min in the morning and 30 min in the evening
  • Sleep between 10 PM-6 AM on most days
  • Oil bath once a week
  • Giving rest to my body during my monthly cycle (No Yoga, no strenuous cooking)
  • Spending time consciously on gadgets/screens and being mindful of my content consumption

(5) How do stress and thoughts impact PCOD?

Stress impacts our hormones in a big way. In the past few years, I have learned to slow down by understanding my priorities and keeping my goals and to-do lists to the minimum. It isn't easy given the fast-paced lives of today. But it is essential to reassess our priorities and focus only on a few goals that matter to us.

(6) How long should I do all these?

Lifestyle changes are for life long. Once we embrace these positive changes, there is no going back. Reversal doesn't mean that PCOD will never make a comeback. By continuing with these lifestyle changes, I hope to keep PCOD (and other lifestyle ailments) at bay forever.

(7) This seems like a long-drawn process. Are there any shortcuts?

NO, NO, NO....there is no easy way. Shortcuts or quick hacks will never work for lifestyle ailments. It has taken me around 7 years to make all these changes. The more we have gone away from nature, the more effort we need to put in. Be willing to put in the required effort. 

The above lifestyle changes have worked for me. Please do your due diligence and understand what works for your body and your life situation. Design YOUR lifestyle.

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