Feb 26, 2021

Source of Vitamin D

Whenever I do a compilation post on nutrients and their various food sources, I often get this question "Can you make a list of food sources rich in Vitamin D"

I was deficient in Vitamin D for many years. I have also taken D3 supplements earlier. I had searched for food sources rich in Vitamin D, but for a vegetarian like me, the options weren't many.

Thanks to the walking habit I incorporated in 2020, my Vitamin D levels have now increased WITHOUT any supplements.

Feb 2020 => My Vitamin D level was 10.3

Feb 2021 => My Vitamin D level is 27.2

I used to be an indoors person most of the time. I was stuck with my laptop/phone and other indoor chores until the pandemic started. We realize the importance of something ONLY when it is taken away. Being stuck indoors for many days made me crave fresh air and sunlight. I started to walk on my apartment terrace every day. I wrote about the benefits of a daily walk in an earlier post.

I have now realized the importance and effect of Sunlight on my overall well-being. I now consciously make time to get exposure to Sunlight twice a day. The times I prefer to walk are 8-9 AM and 5-6 PM.

We humans are not like indoor plants/crotons. We need Sunlight to thrive. Our body works on circadian rhythm and it can secrete the right hormones only when we expose ourselves to sunlight during the day.

Sunlight is also a very important source of energy to perform our daily responsibilities. I have also observed that the more energy I get from Sunlight, the less energy I need from foods.

Whether you are dealing with Vitamin D deficiency, lack of energy, fatigue, depression, body aches, etc, it is extremely important to allocate time in your daily schedule to meet and greet the Sun. No other alternative sources - be it food or supplements can match the magnificence of Sunlight.

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