Feb 8, 2021

The wakeup call

 I came across this interesting insight somewhere. When you are starting your 30s, you usually get a wake-up call from the Universe if you are not aligned with your life's purpose. Each one of us gets this wake-up call. Some of us dismiss it completely and move on with our lives. Some of us hear it but snooze it multiple times, thinking this is not the right time and give ourselves multiple reasons excuses to avoid hearing it. 

Some of us pay heed to that wake-up call and start making changes that help us align with our life's purpose.

For me, that wake-up call was the arrival of my daughter when I was around 30 years old. I was working for a startup - extremely busy routine, along with a long commute every single day. I then applied for a busier job role at an MNC (longer commute as well). A long interview process, 6 rounds spread over 3 weeks and I got the offer. I accepted the offer for this new job and put my papers down in my current job. 2 days later, my long-awaited pregnancy got confirmed along with a fair warning from my gynecologist that I need to be more careful especially in the first 3 months.

I declined the offer for the new job and completed the 2-month notice period of my current job, working from home. 

That single wakeup call triggered multiple wakeup calls in me

  • Why it is high time I prioritize my health and well-being
  • Why I need to get the confidence and knowledge to raise a child when there is NO help/support from extended family (husband of course, always supports me in whichever way possible)
  • Understanding the true nature of many relationships and their mindsets
  • Realizing that career is not all about climbing the corporate ladder, rise in paychecks, and chasing after promotions and titles
  • Identifying my passions and interests, understanding what puts me in a state of flow, and gives me satisfaction and happiness
  • Getting the perspectives on what's important in my life, what my priorities are, and how I want to contribute to the world

If you are in your late 20s/early 30s, make sure you listen to that wake-up call. Don't ignore, dismiss or snooze it. It is unique to your life situation - a new opportunity, a new interest, a new relationship, etc. Pay attention to that wake-up call.

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