Jul 27, 2022

Book Review: Master your Emotions by Thibaut Meurisse

 While reading Thibaut Meurisse's "Dopamine Detox", I realized that he has written multiple books, many of which were available on kindle unlimited. "Master your Emotions" caught my attention, as I remembered seeing it as a recommendation by many bookstagrammers.

Over the past week, I devoured this simple and powerful book in "active reading" mode - writing down notes and reflecting on my personal experiences.

The author has dissected the topic of emotions in detail -

the nature of our emotions,

how they are formed,

the elements that impact them,

how emotions can be a great tool for personal growth.

The initial context which establishes the link between our ego and our emotions was so fabulous to read.

Emotions are transient, they come and go. And it is not the emotions per se that create suffering, but rather how we interpret those emotions. The formula showing the components involved in creating strong emotions was such an eye-opener. Beautifully explained with relevant examples.

Interpretation of an event or a thought + Identification with an emotion / thought + Repetition = Strong emotion

Emotions are impacted by many of our daily activities like sleep, food, breathing, environment, physical activity, etc. The author has also provided many introspective questions to ponder whenever we experience a negative emotion. Worth jotting them down and journaling the experience.

Suppressing emotions isn't a good idea, Why?

"E-motions are energy in motion, but what happens when you prevent the energy from moving? It accumulates". The natural flow of energy is blocked.

The section on how emotions can be leveraged as a tool for personal growth was my favorite of all. The author has taken 10 negative emotions that we commonly face (resentment, fear, procrastination, worry, etc) and given a different perspective on how they can be helpful to understanding ourselves and our desires.

Simple writing, well-structured, and lots of examples and reflective questions throughout the book.

Do check out this powerful book if you would like to understand a little deeper about your emotions. 

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