Jul 26, 2022

My digital wellness journey so far

 I bid goodbye to Facebook and Twitter 2 years ago.

I continue to use Instagram and make sure I use the browser app from my laptop.

I consciously try to stay away from infinite scroll enabling features like Explore / Reels.

In the past 2-3 years, I have made sure that the number of people I follow is restricted to a max of 60. Every time I choose to follow a new person, I need to make the hard decision to unfollow someone.

I continue to use the platform in a way that enables me to express myself through words. Though the whole world has moved (or forced to move) onto short video format, I consciously decided not to pursue this path. Words are my way of expression and I derive happiness and satisfaction through writing. Vanity metrics like engagement, reach and follower count haven't moved up in the past 2 years. Yet, the motivation to stay consistent with content creation hasn't gone down, thanks to the state of "flow" I experience whenever I write and to the handful of people with whom my writing resonates.

Do you scroll for hours on any of the social media platforms? It could be for inspiration, getting rid of boredom, entertainment, or timepass. Research has proven a strong linkage between doomscrolling and anxiety. 

I have observed this pattern in myself. Whenever I scroll through Youtube recommendations (even if it is for a short duration of 15 min), I find myself agitated and restless. I realized that this habitual scrolling with no intent or purpose, just to seek new and interesting content, isn't helping me in any way.

The more time we scroll on social media, the higher the feeling of inadequacy and guilt we experience.

As I slowly changed my digital behavior, I could see tremendous improvement in my focus and attention.

Reading a non-fiction book at a stretch for hours without getting distracted isn't a distant dream anymore.

Meditating for 40 minutes is possible without feeling restless.

The mind feels calm and relaxed.

Conscious, deliberate steps to understand our digital usage patterns and taking control of our precious time and attention is the need of the hour. It is very much in our hands. Let's take charge.

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