Jul 11, 2022

Marvel and Us

 "I remember his hammer was smashed by his sister Hela. But how did he get the ax?", I posed a serious question to K and D after watching "Thor: Love and Thunder" yesterday. Both of them burst out laughing and responded in chorus, "Already forgot Infinity war? He gets it in that movie".

We had so much fun, laughing and crying while watching together.

Watching Marvel movies is becoming a family activity. Though I was never a fan, I was initiated into it in the 2000s, thanks to K when the initial movies (Iron man, Spider man) were released. Slowly and steadily, I now seemed to have watched most of the movies, though I don't follow them with rigorous detail🙂

D has also started liking these movies and as someone who likes to teach, she brings me up to speed by explaining certain situations🙂 I'm content to observe and listen to her when she explains with so much passion and detail.

Many parenting "gurus" and influencers pass judgments, saying that bonding through movies or series is not exactly bonding with children.

I beg to differ on this point. Not every activity has to be in the "doing" or "creating" category. Consumption is also good and necessary, as long as it is mindful, and dealt with in moderation.

In a family, every individual's tastes are different. There will soon come a time when there will be no concept of a family TV. Each of us will end up watching our favorites on our screens (in different corners of the home).

If we open up our minds to something new that our family members love to watch, it becomes a nice way to bond - talk, share, discuss and connect.

D and I enjoyed watching the "Just add magic" series a year back, and we still talk about the story and the characters.

Screen time / choosing specific movies or series - these are individual choices that we as parents need to make, based on our intuitions, home environment, child's age, and interests.

Let's not blindly follow blanket rules being advocated that seem extreme or impractical.

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