Jul 5, 2022

Daily charging

 Imagine this situation. You have a single charging point at home and a single mobile charger.

Newer phones do not need frequent charging - they charge quickly and retain their charge for long.

Older phones need frequent charging - they take more time to charge and drain their charge faster.

Let's say - your phone is neither new nor old. And your phone is THE most important one at home - it has all the required data, contacts, and apps that are used more frequently.

In such a scenario, what would you do? You will ensure that your phone is fully charged before others get hold of the charger. You will make sure that your phone's battery never goes into the Red zone. 

Our daily lives are very similar to the above situation.

If you are in your 30s/40s with multiple responsibilities (child care, work/career, household work, elderly care, pet care, etc), your energy is THAT most important phone of the household.

The single charger is nothing but your Home. Everyone needs access to this charger called Home. 

Allocate space for charging yourself every single day.

Come what may, don't compromise on that space. It is even more important in critical or emergencies where your energy is drained or depleted. Remember, the more charge gets used, the higher the need to charge more frequently (multiple times a day).

What does this daily charging give you?

  • Self-connection
  • Connection with your body and breath
  • You start to see things more clearly
  • You understand your values and your priorities
  • Resilience to face the stormy days

How to get this daily dose of charge?

  • Connecting with your body through Yogasanas
  • Connecting with your breath through Pranayama
  • Connecting with your thoughts and feelings through journaling or self-reflection
  • Connecting with your mind through meditation
  • Connecting with the external world through books written on topics you are inspired about
  • Connecting with the Divine through chants or mantras

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