Jul 20, 2022

Questions on Time

 You might have heard of this quote - "Time is money". It is usually used in the context when each hour can be converted or measured in monetary terms.

I don't relate to this quote. But I consider "Time" as one of my most important values. Maybe, that's why I get offended when I watch "Dil Chahta Hai" and how Subodh is made fun of, just because he is a stickler for time! :)

I have often thought about these questions:

  • Is Time equivalent to money? Or is it more valuable than money?
  • Why do many of us spend our money carefully, while we lavishly spend our time?
  • Do time and money present a zero-sum problem? While you have one, you cannot have the other - is it true? Or is it a man-made conundrum?
  • Many of us are frugal with our expenses, but are we approaching Time with the same mindset? Can we be frugal with time? 
  • If Time had a monetary value attached to it, will we be wasting it on frivolous activities? "Frivolous" is a subjective word. What one considers frivolous might be a relaxing activity for another person.
  • When we have a few extra rupees at the end of the month, we will end up saving for the future. There is no way to save the free time that suddenly opens up in our daily calendar. Time can't be carried forward.
  • When we experience stressful situations at home or work, are we permitting ourselves to spend our leisure time without much attention given to how we spend it? Do we justify the same by using self-love as an excuse?
  • When our schedules are dictated by external people/situations, we go with the flow and do not prioritize our needs. Whereas, when our schedule is mostly in our control, we prioritize our needs and invest time in what we love to do. How do we reach this state of harmony and balance? Fixed work hours of the previous generation provided a balance, that is lacking in today's hustle work culture.
  • Time affluence/freedom to do what you want - is what most of us are seeking. The common belief is that people work towards gaining financial freedom in their 20s-50s and then hope to enjoy time affluence in their 60s-70s. Can financial freedom and time affluence go hand-in-hand in our 30s and 40s?

Just a bunch of random questions to the Universe🙂

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