Dec 9, 2007


My contribution to Sunday Scribblings #88 - Competition

A benchmark to accomplish,
A horizon to reach
A milestone to target,
A landmark to set

Doesn't end there,
Compete with full spirit
The bar set high,
There is no limit

Takes you to new heights
and achieve new targets,
Healthy competition
creates a perfect mission

Realize your full potential
with a never-give-up attitude
Challenge your self today
for a better tomorrow

for without competition,
Minutes are dragging
Days are boring
Life is never soaring

Aim for the pinnacle
and way around obstacles,
If it's worth a fight
Never let go off your sight


gautami tripathy said...

That last stanza sums it up beautifully.

Go Compete

paisley said...

very nicely done... and yet another post that makes me rethink my lack of competitive nature.....

Rob Kistner said...

Well written! ;)

SusieJ said...

This post means a lot to me right now. Thank you. Susiej

awareness said...

I think you nailed the feeling here and the important need for competition. well written!! I can completely relate.

it is a competitive heart that drives our goals......personal benchmarks.

And it will be competition that will feed our desire to change ourselves and the world we live in.

enjoy your week........may you reach new heights!

Preethi said...

Lovely... Never let go off your sight

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