Dec 11, 2007

The moment

My contribution to Writer's Island prompt - The moment

A sunny morning
an anxious beginning
Will I get through?
to be part of software crew

To make myself stand out
prayers chanted loud,
Shutting down other choices
Ruling out external noises

The deciding moment
no room to repent,
heart pumps fast
adrenalin flows aghast

no reason to sob,
I got my first job
The offer is mine,
pay myself to dine

freedom to stand
on my own feet,
the turning point
a memorable feat


Tumblewords: said...

I like the way you used one 'moment' and the emotions it carried with it til the end. Nice!

Jeques said...

There is a certain thrill as I read this piece with anticipations building up. You sound excited when you wrote this, your voice excites the reader in effect sharing your great moment.

I wish you well.

~ Jeques

Here's a link to my winning moments:

paisley said...

oh anu... this was beautiful,, both in word and sentiment... i just loved it!!!!

UL said...

Oh yeah, the first job is always exhilarating...beautiful moment well potrayed, welcome to WI..thanks.


Marja said...

Very beautiful expressed that important moment which brings freedom as you said

Voices of NLD said...

It's wonderful to use such an old medium in such a modern way
courting destiny

Keith's Ramblings said...

You summed up the Moment perfectly. Here's hoping you come back to the Island next week.

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