Dec 12, 2007

A peaceful end

My contribution to 3 word Wednesday

Switching off the headlights,
parking his four wheeler
Closing the front door
he walks towards the lonely trail

A dark, muddy, less-trodden path
Spooky, freaking noises
Carefully taken footsteps
Wandering, fearful eyes

Destiny unknown
Direction unclear
Lands in a virtual land
at the end of the world

No armor to shield
faces the worst fear
brainwaves at the fastest speed
peaceful death so near


Unknown said...

This leaves so much open for interpretation.I enjoyed it very much.

UL said...

How could it be peaceful for his soul?

Thanks for sharing.


paisley said...

No armor to shield
faces the worst fear
brainwaves at the fastest speed
peaceful death so near

i have an affinity with my own death,, and for some reason i feel this is very much what it would feel like walking into something you know you will never walk out of... very nicely done....

Richard Wells said...

Oh my gosh, poor guy. A peaceful end, but why?

Tumblewords: said...

Wow! I'm still holding my breath...

Jujee said...

Haunting in tone.
Liked the contrast of fast brainwaves and impending peace at the end.

Anuradha Sridharan said...

Thanks everyone for your responses.

@ul : death has different meanings and connotations but the most common one is that of fear and being haunting, most of which are man's individual thoughts and perspectives. So when he faces death, he feels scared, his brain is alert and trying to defend but little does he know, that death is going to be peaceful. This is what my understanding of death is! I guess I'm not clear in explaining this meaning in poetry :-)

Fattebaz Admin said...

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poefusion said...

I erased everything I was going to say here for fear of offending you. Your poem touched something inside me for sure. Keep up the good work.

gautami tripathy said...

It does have open ends. However that is not a bad thing..

Welcome to 3WW!

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