Dec 3, 2007

Not to be ignored

My contribution to Cafe Writing - December project (Option two)

I have the power
to face boldly
the commanding heights,
the worst fears

A small stature
but a larger than life image
one single move
can make the enemy rage

Not to be ignored
I trip the opponent
I initiate the first move
I win close contests

Arsenals of attack
can become useless
So many options
at my defense

One step at a time,
my king in his prime
in the life game of chess
I'm the impeccable pawn


MissMeliss said...

Oh, I really love this one. -- MissMeliss

Skely said...

Too good!!!!

Brian said...

Great poem for the oft thought lowly pawn.


Vijay Gandhi said...

Very good, Anu!
I got inspired to write one. :)

carmilevy said...

I love this poem. I'm so glad you found inspiration in my photo. So nice to e-meet you via MissMeliss!

sister AE said...

"I'm the impeccable pawn"

I love that line!

paisley said...

oh this was powerful... bravo!!!!

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