Dec 6, 2007


My contribution to Cafe Writing - December project (Option five)

I loved this challenge. I wrote this poem in 9 minutes (between 10:01 AM and 10:10 AM) and haven't edited it. I know this is not a good one but I hope I will get better at it soon, with more practice.

not something that you follow
not something that you crib
not something you adapt
not something you adjust

a binding love force
a proud realization,
turns monotonies into
fun and laughter

celebrating festivals
family time together,
meals and delicacies
on a certain platter

something to remind
for years to pass by,
something to carry forward
for generations to come

defines one's character
with principles and values,
designs a game of life
with expectations and surprises

loved by everyone
but rare to accept,
will to follow
but lazy to admit

Converts diversity
into unity
Converts singleton
into groups

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