Jan 3, 2008

Bliss - more than that

Bliss may not be the right word that expresses my feelings when I listen to this masterpiece of Rahman - "Shauk hai" from Guru. Something more than bliss! When I watched Guru, I liked this song that's more like a background tune. But I wasn't as crazy as I am right now. I have the Guru audio CD but this song is not available. On a lazy blog hopping Sunday afternoon, I discovered that "Shauk hai" is available in a mp3 collection of Rahman from Sony BMG. I was thrilled and couldn't wait to get hold of this MP3 CD. I went to Landmark a couple of times and returned back with disappointment since they were out of stock. I then tried Odyssey, a smaller store when compared to Landmark but no luck there either.

A third visit to Landmark helped me get hold of the masterpiece. At a price of 95 rupees, this CD has a compilation of 50 superb Rahman songs from Bollywood. Some of the least popular but beautiful songs from Meenaxi and Water are also available. But I bought this CD just for this one soothing melody "Shauk hai" and it's been played repeatedly in my music player.

The singer has a lovely voice and Rahman has used very less instruments so her voice stands out. Though it's a sad song, it's a peaceful rendition. After the first stanza, an interesting guitar(I guess!) interlude takes over and changes the mood of the song. This song has become something very close to my heart. That's the magic of Rahman's music. It can do wonders and can transport you to a whole different world.

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