Jan 2, 2008

A new phase

My contribution to Cafe Writing - January project (Option #2)

Words to be used - breathless, change, elusive, pensive, reflect, surge, tide, vibrant

An elusive discomfort,
A necessary vacation
The wooden beach house allures,
The shores of the ocean beckons

I run towards the tides,
Struck by the vastness, breathless
A pensive look at the horizon
A reflection, nevertheless

The vibrant colors of dusk,
myriad hues of shadows
the sun goes into slumber
for the moon to come alive

A clear sky with sparkling stars
A surge of fresh inspiration
The dawn of a new phase
The change of a year


Becca said...

So lovely - I like the way you've linked the ebb and flow of the ocean to the changing of the year.

Having just spent some time near the beach, this is especially appropriate for me :)

paisley said...

was just lovely anu... i loved the way you used the words,, had they not been highlighted,, i would never have known they were "prompted"...

thank you....


Medhini said...

Hi Anu,

The poem has a very fresh feel. Loved reading it. Hope stop by your nest often!

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