Jan 11, 2008

"The" date

My contribution to Sunday Scribblings - #93 "The Date"

A normal start
nothing unusual,
I pack my luggage
for my weekend travel

Work fills me up
the entire day
sipping coffee
at my decorated bay

Couldn't wait
to spend time with you
those precious 2 hours
for the next 4 days

the sparkles unrealized
the words untold
we play our favorite game
the game of kings and queens

A master of chess
You defeat me in no time,
A sheepish grin
Our fun at its prime

the moment unexpected,
the feelings unexpressed
my hands in your palms
our journey has begun

the perfect proposal,
no words to embellish
this special day,
forever I'll cherish


Shari said...

Oooh. Sounds like a poem about a very special memory you have. I was able to understand and enjoy it. Normally, I don't "get" much poetry. It just flies way over my head.

Granny Smith said...

Lovely expressive poem!

Tumblewords: said...

Oh, this is lovely, just lovely!

Cherie said...

Lovely - what a date!

little wing writer said...

you have described a beautiful moment in dates to remember...thank you

Skely said...

He Hem..
The Date please!!!

Vijay Gandhi said...

ahh!! I can relate this one :)
Anu, this one needs a detailed story actually :)

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