Jan 8, 2008

A nice beginning

It's a cold morning. As usual, I woke up late and had to rush to take my office cab. I reached the bus stop a minute late (probably!) and waited for almost 20 minutes. But the cab was nowhere to be seen. I had two options - either to board a crowded bus which would take atleast an hour to reach office or an auto-rickshaw with the driver demanding extra charges or a tweaked meter reading. I opted for the latter. After crossing 2 kms, I realized it's indeed an auto rickshaw with a tweaked meter.

Instead of 40 rupees which is the normal fare, the meter reading showed 45 rupees. I didn't want to start my day having a fight with the driver for the extra 5 rupees. I handed over a 50 rupee note and asked for the balance of 5 rupees. He gave me back a 10 rupee note and said that the meter has some problem and it's showing a wrong fare. I gave a smile and thanked him. "Wow, there are honest auto drivers in the city", I was thinking while walking towards my office. It feels really good when someone changes the wrong perception we have about a group of people, in this case auto drivers who we generally think that they always try to cheat in whatever way they can. A great way to begin a day!

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