Jan 23, 2008

A shining star

Very few films make a deep impact. Even after coming out of the movie hall, you tend to be in a state of rigorous thinking and pondering over the message broadcasted by the storyline. I happened to watch one such incredible movie last night. People have written excellent reviews about "Taare Zameen Par" in the past one month. Having been a big fan of Aamir Khan from my childhood, how could I afford to miss his first directorial venture!

TZP will make you laugh, cry, reminisce childhood memories, go back to school life, think about our class mates, the irritating everyday grind named homework and much more. The storyline portrays the pressures faced by kids and how they miss out on having fun in the most important phase of life called childhood. Blame it on the parents, teachers, education system, competition or whatever! The pressure is only on the increasing side and no wonder, kids also face the symptoms of stress and depression.

The protogonist Ishaan displays different shades of emotions - be it having fun with himself bunking class and roaming on the roads alone, utter sadness when his parents leave him in a boarding school, withdrawal from all activities and crying to come out of this hell. The characters played by Ishaan's parents bring about the typical middle class mentality where a kid has to succeed at any cost. The screenplay paves the way for some interesting scenes - for instance, when Aamir visits Ishaan's parents, when Aamir gets angry about Ishaan's father's attitude, the painting contest. The mind blowing music plays a very important role in this sensitive plot. Colorful picturization and the amazing paintings are a visual treat.

The tagline "every child is special" sums up everything the story is all about. If you haven't seen this movie yet, you are missing out on a rare phenomenon these days called "a sensible movie". I'll definitely go for a second watch.

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