Jan 21, 2008

Tiny Giant

My contribution to Cafe Writing -Option three : Can you picture that?

I'm amazed by the clear blue skies, the vast oceans, the huge mountains, the planets and the distant galaxies. When compared to this entire spectrum of evolution or God's creation, whichever way you prefer to take it, how tiny and miniscule we, human beings are! But the one nature that makes us think that we are the biggest in the whole world is a small 3-letter word "EGO". It is an inherent nature to be egoistic, just that the magnitude of this nature varies from person to person. I get to observe this nature in many people on the roads these days - "How can a Santro overtake me? Let me show the power of my Mercedes", an example of a 4-wheeler driver's pride or ego. "How can that guy drive on the pavement and bypass the traffic? I have every right to do it", a motorbike zooms past, proving his ego. Rushing through every minute, the working professional thinks that the 9 AM conference call is more important than the old lady crossing the road and cursing her for her slow speed of walking. These are some examples of incidents that I observe every morning which makes me feel disgusted about this whole egoistic attitude shown by us.

Our ego and pride makes us feel bigger than others. But there are other such issues called as "problems and worries" which magnifies and portrays a larger-than-life image. We become smaller in front of those issues and start to believe that we could no way tackle them or get past them. Eventually we become the slaves of these constant worries and our lives are dictated by these issues.

Contradicting in nature, ego and worries can make us feel bigger or smaller. When we realize that we are "tiny giants", then we would be humbled by those huge planets and galaxies and face those problems and worries with confidence and guts.

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