Aug 25, 2022

Birthday 2022

Celebrating the completion of one more round around the Sun with a plate of Kesari bhaath and jolada rotti holige oota 😂

Last 2 years, birthdays were indoors. This time, I wanted to spend time in my favorite places in Bengaluru - the old parts of town, traditional and residential areas of Basavanagudi.

After battling the morning rush hour traffic, we headed for breakfast in Brahmin's Coffee Bar. Fueled up with Idli/vade, kesari bhaath and a frothy cup of strong filter coffee.

Spent a quiet, peaceful hour at Sri Ramakrishna Mutt. Sat and meditated for some time and then browsed through their bookstore. Bought a few books as usual! :)

Visited temples around this area - Dodde Ganapathi, Big Bull temple, Govardhan temple. Felt so happy to visit Sri Raghavendra Swamy temple on a Thursday.

For lunch, I wanted to have a typical North Karnataka style oota. I had earlier seen a couple of reviews of Basaveshwar Khanavali by Kripal Amanna and wanted to go there for a while. The sumptuous thali had such a wide spread of dishes. Though slightly spicy, we loved the meal.

K also surprised me by taking me to Champacca book store cafe, which I had been planning to visit for quite some time. Couldn't spend a lot of time there, though the aroma of coffee was so tempting!

Came back home with a satisfied tummy, mind and soul!

It's interesting how our priorities and interests change as we grow older.

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