Aug 12, 2022

Cats and Love

 K and I are so different, but one of the few common interests is our love for cats. We had always wanted to adopt a cat ever since we got married but were hesitant to execute the idea, given that we were in a rented home earlier.

"What you seek is seeking you" - Turns out that cats have an attraction towards us as well! Wherever we go, we end up seeing cats and they are quite friendly to us.

We are cat parents since 2014 when our pet cat W adopted us. Though we wanted to only feed her on the balcony, she slowly invited herself into our home. 

W has been the MOST easy-going pet so far.

She cuddles with us, sits on our lap, and purrs loudly.

She keeps herself sparkling clean. Her white and grey fur is always shiny, without a speck of dirt.

When it is time to do her "business", she would ask us to open the balcony door and step out.

In her prime years, she used to hunt rats and squirrels and try to bring them inside our home. Until you appreciate her efforts, she would keep meowing, "See, what I have brought for you!"🙂 Later, we googled and realized that these are her gifts for us.

If K is traveling, she would miss him so much, not eat any food for a couple of days, go to every room and look for him.

When all of us are traveling and she is at home, we are in for a session of scolding meows from her when we return home (My house help used to take care of her during those times).

2 more cat members got added to our family last year - Georgina and Octi are such different personalities as compared to W.

Since they are just a year old, they are super active.

They express their love in many ways - 

rubbing their foreheads on our legs, 

giving loads of cat kisses,

meowing in different conversational tones, 

sitting very close to us and purring as they clean themselves, 

rolling on the floor and showing their precious tummy to us.

They get very excited when we sit down and play with them - making them chase a thread or a ball.

These 3 lovelies have given us many memorable moments in the past few years. There were a few challenges too, especially when they were tiny kittens. Read the detailed story shared last year🙂

There is a general misconception that cats demand love and don't reciprocate.

Cats are adorable, friendly pets. They shower us with love and affection in their own ways. They make us look at life from a new perspective.

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