Aug 1, 2022

Do I remember everything I read?

 "Do you remember everything you read?", someone had posed this question.

Short answer - Not at all 🙂

Long answer - my intention to read books is not to remember every single point or insight. I'm not reading for the sake of any competitive exams🙂 Thank God, those days are behind me. I now read because I love reading.

When I read, I highlight all sentences/phrases/passages that struck a chord with me. Writing book reviews help me summarize my takeaways, which I revisit whenever needed.

If I need to reference a particular topic at a later point in time, I know exactly which book I need to check and I look it up immediately. I have a copy of all books that I have read and found valuable - either as a physical copy or on Kindle. I'm very particular about not lending my books🙂

Books aren't just sources of information or facts.

Imagine your brain/mind as a huge palace with infinite rooms that are locked. Any new insight that we come across is a Key to opening a room. For me, books are those valuable keys.

Keys could also be conversations with people, taking up new courses, watching informative videos, listening to podcasts, etc. No key is superior or inferior. They open new rooms which we didn't know existed in our minds.

As we unlock new rooms, more ideas, insights, and possibilities come into our vision. We also arrive at a certain direction to take as we navigate through the maze of rooms.

While we progress in this journey of unlocking, we also realize that certain rooms get unlocked automatically without the need for an external key. These are our experiences, self-realizations, intuitions, and surprise gifts from the Universe.

Choose your keys according to your preference. And enjoy this beautiful unlocking journey. You never know what you might stumble across!

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