Aug 23, 2022


 For the past two days, I'm in a "rearranging" sort of mode.

I rearranged the Philosophy section of my bookshelf - gathered the books I've read in this genre in the past couple of years and the books I plan to read in the next few months.

I also took some time to rearrange and extend my Pooja shelf - brought down the idols and framed pictures arranged in a cardboard box from the loft and arranged them, along with my existing arrangement. Sorted out the devotional/Shloka books and kept the ones I want to learn in my vicinity.

After both these efforts, I felt so rejuvenated and energized.

As we go through the objects, they bring back beautiful memories from the past. For eg, as I was sorting out the framed pictures, I just paused and was looking at a particular pic of Guruvayoor Krishna. It's been so long since we visited the temple. The last I visited was in 2015. During my childhood, I used to visit the temple often - the busy temple street, the colorful shops, the lighting of so many lamps, the colorful red beads that we would mix up, the temple elephant, the divine paal payasam - all came rushing back from my long term memory cells.

The Universe blesses or acknowledges our intentions in surprising ways. For eg, I stumbled upon an idol of Shirdi Sai in the cardboard box. I don't remember how or when I received the idol, but it felt like an amazing coincidence as I have been intending to read Sai Satcharita lately.

It's been a long time since I bought a copy of Autobiography of a Yogi. But I haven't started reading it yet. Every time I rearrange my books, I tell myself that I should pick up this book soon. One of the excuses I was giving myself is that the font size is too small.

A few days back, I stumbled upon an old copy of the same book in my community library. And guess what, it's a hard copy and the font size is perfect to read.

Taking time to rearrange our lives - in the areas of our interests and passions brings in a lot of positivity. Rearranging just a couple of aspects of my life brought in new ideas and helped me identify areas to focus my efforts.

Next in line is to rearrange my cookbooks section. Hope this helps me bring back my cooking mojo, that I seem to have lost 🙂

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