Aug 4, 2022

Movie Review - 19(1)(a)

 Recently, watched a beautiful Malayalam movie "19(1)(a)", with the main protagonists played by two of my favorite actors- Nithya Menon and Vijay Sethupathi.

Realistic portrayal, good screenplay, beautiful Kerala locales, and more importantly, impactful writing that leaves a mark after the movie ends.

I could resonate with both the characters and their opposite nature, more so with Nithya's.

In one of the scenes, she says, "I have always done what others expect of me". Story of my life until my early 30s.

The rebellious nature kicked in ONLY after motherhood.

The extended family kept asking, "When is the good news? When are you starting a family? All your younger cousins have given birth. Why are you delaying pregnancy?". And when I did give the good news, the same extended family didn't offer any support and went about their own lives.

That's when the rebel in me came alive. And I started to take charge of my life in ways that suit me and my priorities.

We all have the rebel inside, kept hidden. All we need is a little courage - either from a life situation or from a completely unrelated external person, just like how the nameless female character found her courage from Gauri's words.

Do give the movie a watch on Disney+Hotstar, for the sheer storytelling and brilliant acting by two best actors.

No unnecessary dramas, romance, fights, mass dialogues or punch lines.

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