Aug 10, 2022

State of blankness

 Have you ever experienced this?

You wake up in the morning after a good night's sleep and your mind feels blank. It takes a while for you to realize what day it is and what's the plan for today.

You had a terrible round of migraine for hours. You recover from it after a long day and the next morning, your mind is so empty. It feels like your brain underwent a deep cleansing process.

You had been on a vacation where you were disconnected from your devices and you enjoyed the whole trip, being in the present. When you come back to your regular day, your mind feels empty - no agenda, no to-do lists come to your mind. "Vacation hangover", it might be called.

This emptiness leads to a feeling of a blank slate where you experience natural, slow and deep breaths. Your mind loves this state and wants to continue in it for longer. It doesn't want to be rushed, it doesn't want to restart long to-do lists, it just wants to BE.

According to the Yogic philosophy, Akaash/ether is the most subtle and powerful among the 5 elements. While going through intense yoga program last month, I realized that this is the element to which I need to pay more attention.

Once this realization dawned on me, the Universe magically provided me opportunities in the past few days to experience and activate the Akaash element. It felt absolutely blissful to experience this state of stillness and a quiet, calm mind experiencing the present. The weather gods were kind, the picturesque locations were serene and the vast expanse of the clouds painted a beautiful picture amidst the greenery.

Rest, rejuvenation, recharge - travel provides abundant opportunities to experience all these and more.

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