Aug 29, 2022

Peace of Body

 I'm currently reading this insightful book "The Almanack of Naval Ravikant".

This one particular line made a lot of sense on the topic of physical health

"To have peace of mind, you have to have peace of body first."

A few days back, I was having mild but persistent stomach pain. As I observed the other symptoms, it felt like a UTI. After 2 days of home remedies, the pain subsided and I felt normal.

During those 2 days, I felt quite restless and irritated. I wasn't able to give my 100% to my daily responsibilities. There was this unease and uncomfortable feeling, though it wasn't debilitating to the extent that I needed to rest completely.

Once our body signals that something is not right in the form of physical pain, unless we address those pains, there is no peace in the body. Sometimes, we tend to suppress these signals by popping painkillers. The signal stops working in the interim but comes back with a vengeance.

As the peace of the body gets affected, our mind is impacted as well. And vice-versa too.

Our overall wellness is a closely interlinked factor of both our body and our mind.

Aches, pains, and discomfort in the body can't be ignored or suppressed for long.

All we need is to pause for a moment during our busy days, close our eyes, and listen to our body's feelings.


Home remedies that worked for me to address UTI

  • increased water intake,
  • barley water,
  • buttermilk,
  • banana stem poriyal for lunch,
  • Ajwain+Saunf concoction

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